A magic mirror

Miralight is the only lighting solution which allows to create surprising lamps that
merge the reflective nature of mirrors and the soft light of led panels.

All the lamps made following the patent Miralight are based on the combination of three elements:
the acrylic antishock and diffusive sheet, the vacuum metallization of the former and the edge
lighting technique.

The lamps made through Miralight system allow to range in an endless world of shapes and
aesthetic possibilities. They can be planar and creatively shaped to get highly reflective
objects with exeptional optical properties very close to glass mirrors, alternatively they can be
thermo-formed in three-dimensional shapes which create, absolutely fascinating, distortive
reflective effects, and in the end they can be decorated with an high definition digital printing.

Dice restaurant in London design by FormRoom 
Example of set made with convex mirrors that could rapresent an interior decorated with some Miralight Lamps when turned off. .

The metallized sheets are 300x200 cm wide and available in different thickness 4-6-8-10 mm
and they could be processed to obtain a LIGHTING MIRROR up to 200cm wide.

Currently the silver finish is well developed but a wider range of metallizing nuance are next to commercialization.
On the rear face the industrial painting is a standard to protect the metallization and on the front
face, after an eventual termo-forming, can be applied an antiscratch film.
Any graphic effect can be printed on the clear surface of the sheet before the eventual thermoforming
through a wide format digital printer with the maximum width of 150cm using a non-toxic
water based ink that become permanent after thermal treatment.

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